eThink for Higher Education
The most important integrations and the best customer service, all at a low price.
Real–Time SIS Integration

Our real-time SIS integration capability is the #1 technical reason why our customers select Moodle by eThink. Our real time SIS integration is compatible with all major Student Information Systems and allows for user data, courses, attendance, and even grades to seamlessly migrate between Moodle and your SIS. It’s pretty cool.

Market Leading Customer Service

24-48 hours has become the standard response time in the LMS industry. eThink’s Moodle experts have a history of providing an actual human response (how innovative!) and completing all support requests in under an hour!

Low Cost

Good news! Not only can eThink provide the Cadillac of Learning Management Systems with real-time SIS integration and market leading customer service, but we can do so at a fraction of the cost of competing systems! Our customers pay for service, not licensing fees.

Course Evaluations

By incorporating eThink’s Course Evaluation into your existing Learning Management System, you can leverage the benefits of a single interface for all course related activities and a centralized database for reporting.

Early Alert/Retention

You worked hard to admit each and every student. Why risk losing them? We offer predictive learning analytics to help identify and assist at risk students early so you can reach them before it is too late.

Institutional Assessment

Meeting accreditation requirements is time consuming and costly. eThink’s Assessment package provides institutions with a user friendly solution for measuring student learning. This package makes it easier to meet your accreditation requirements by increasing process efficiency and providing robust, real time reporting.


Provide students with a tool to demonstrate their learning, skills, and development over time to selected audiences. This solution is integrated into Moodle to leverage an interface your students and faculty are already familiar with and provides a centralized repository for all course related data.

Virtual Classrooms

How can an instructor facilitate an effective online course without the ability to interact with students in the same way they would in the classroom? That is why we offer a Virtual Classroom as part of our LMS solution - so you can truly teach online!

eLearning Innovation Partnership

eThink education has partnered with eLearning Innovation, a leading provider for all things elearning — from instructional design and multimedia development to online course production and helpdesk. eLearning Innovation has clients in the K‑12, nonprofit, higher education, and corporate sectors. This collaboration provides eThink clients with access to 24‑7 instructional design and helpdesk services and further extents the support options clients can use to help their learners get the most out of Moodle.

Since moving to eThink, the Banner integration and support has been so strong and consistent that I've been able to focus on the things I was hired to do, like faculty training. Before we migrated we had a faculty training program “in development” for over a year, but after moving to eThink we were able to build, test, revise, test again, and ultimately release the program within 4 months.

Our transition to eThink from (competing Moodle vendor retracted) went very well. We have improved our productivity due to eThink’s SIS integration and of course they have an excellent customer service.