eThink's Moodle for K-12
The easiest, most affordable, and widely used LMS in the world. Now for K-12.
Prepare Students for College

Learning Management Systems are used by almost every major College and University in the nation. Students that begin familiarizing themselves with these systems early are set up for success.

Save Time for your Teachers

Moodle is quick to learn and easy to use. In no time, your teachers will be saving time by consolidating all of their coure materials and communication in one place.

Connect Parents, Teachers, Students, and Administrators

Moodle provides one central hub that brings students, teachers, parents, and administrators together to improve learning outcomes.

eThink’s Moodle Cloud for K-12 Includes:
  • Ecosystem of K-12 Moodle Sites
  • K-12 Focused Moodle Cloud Hosting
  • Google Apps Integration
  • Parent Access
  • Flipped Classroom
  • Administrator and Teacher Training
Premium K-12 Services Include:
  • Market Leading Customer Service
  • Onsite or Remote Professional Development
  • Data Migration
  • Premium Implementation Services including Single Sign On
  • Premium PowerSchool Integrations
PowerSchool Partnership

eThink Education has teamed up with PowerSchool, the leading Student Information System in the K-12 sector. This collaboration allows eThink Education to integrate Moodle directly with PowerSchool to simplify authentication and enrollment and course management, enabling seamless interaction between both systems and thereby eliminating time-wasting duplicate data entry.

Moodle and eThink have helped my students excel in math. They are able to access the website from home, watch videos, complete assignments, and pretty much work at their own pace. Parents love the fact that they can watch the videos and know exactly what the students are learning. Moodle and eThink have made learning fun.