Moodle™ + Education = eThink

eThink provides solutions, strategic consulting, and technology management services for Moodle™. Bringing together people, processes, and technology, we work with Educational Institutions to help them strengthen performance through solutions that provide advanced data management, increased accountability, and better educational experiences. This all comes at a fraction of the cost of traditional learning management systems.

Customer Support

A resource of experts giving you the support you need to run an Enterprise Level solution based on the open source learning management system Moodle™.

Moodle™ Integrations

Concentrate all student and teacher integrations in one place with crucial integration built into Moodle™.

Guaranteed Uptime

State of the art Cloud solution providing higher level performance and data security, including 24/7 monitoring.

Why Moodle™?

Moodle™ is the most widely used LMS in the world and most importantly it’s open source. By selecting open source Moodle™, your institution will never be held hostage by a licensing agreement as is the case with all other closed source solutions on the market. With eThink Moodle™ you are paying for services only therefore guaranteeing you the best support at the best price.
Most Widely used LMS
Designed by teachers for teachers
Scalable to any size
Unlike other solutions Moodle™ is Open and
Free so clients never get trapped by licensing
Backed by a strong community
of more than 60 million users
Always up-to-date
Highly flexible
Use anytime, anywhere, on any device
All-in-one Learning Platform
Proven and trusted worldwide with
over 50,000 implementations

Integrated Products that Adapt to Your Needs

We create products that integrate the learning needs of your institution into a one-stop shop for students, faculty, and administrators. Contact us to see how you can leverage our experience to help your institution stay competitive through the use of our customized, integrated solutions.

Student Information System Integration

Make duplicate data entry a thing of the past - get the most out of your LMS by connecting it with your Student Information System. Your SIS is your centralized repository for all student related information and your LMS is the home for all course related materials, so doesn't it seem necessary for the two systems to communicate?

Course Evaluations

By incorporating eThink’s Course Evaluation into your existing Learning Management System, you can leverage the benefits of a single interface for all course related activities and a centralized database for reporting.

Early Alert/Retention

You worked hard to admit each and every student. Why risk losing them? We offer predictive learning analytics to help identify and assist at risk students early so you can reach them before it’s too late.

Institutional Assessment

Meeting accreditation requirements is time consuming and costly. eThink’s Assessment package provides institutions with a user friendly solution for measuring student learning. This package makes it easier to meet your accreditation requirements by increasing process efficiency and providing robust, real time reporting.


Provide students with a tool to demonstrate their learning, skills, and development over time to selected audiences. This solution is integrated into Moodle™ to leverage an interface your students and faculty are already familiar with and provides a centralized repository for all course related data.

Virtual Classrooms

How can an instructor facilitate an effective online course without the ability to interact with students in the same way they would in the classroom? That is why we offer a Virtual Classroom as part of our LMS solution - so you can truly teach online!

eThink Stacks Up

Personalized Dashboard
Collaborative Tools & Activities
All-in-One Calendar
Convenient File Management
Simple & Intuitive Text Editor
Customizable Site Design & Layout
Secure Authentication
Multilingual Capability
Regular Security Updates
Bulk Course Creation & Easy Backup
Multimedia Integration
Peer & Self-Assessment
Hosting with Guaranteed 99.9% Uptime
Proven Support
Customized Student Information System Integration
Course Evaluations
Early Alert/Retention
Institutional Assessment
Virtual Classrooms

About eThink

Formed in January 2008, eThink is a rapidly growing, privately held corporation. Co-Founders Brian Carlson and Cheryl Patsavos shared a passion for the transformative powers of technology for the learning process. With a shared background in both education and technology, eThink was founded on a vision of changing the way students and teachers interact using the cutting edge open source Learning Management System, Moodle™.

Moodle™ is founded on the true principles of education, utilizing the power of community to strengthen the experience for all. Coupled with eThink’s high quality integrations and exceptional support, we deliver service not available in the market before now. We are thrilled to bring this unique solution to the educational market to help schools radically transform their institutions.

If you would like more information or have questions about how eThink can assist your institution, please feel free to email us at or call us at (443) 219‑6957.