Moodle™ is used by more than 85,000,000 learners in Higher Education , K-12 , and Corporate applications.
When configured and managed by the experts at eThink, Moodle™ is the most flexible and easy to use LMS on the market.
Industry Leading Customer Service

We have a track record of closing all support tickets in 60 minutes or less.

True Open Source

eThink completely eliminates vendor lock.

Unlimited Modules

eThink will test and implement all current modules at no additional cost. Why implement a modular system if you can’t use the modules?

Unlimited Storage

Uncapped storage, CPU and RAM. Never worry about running out of storage.

SIS Integration

Marry your enterprise systems to create a seamless workflow.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting guarantees security, uptime, and scalability.

Why does Open Source matter?

Moodle is a community driven product. Moodle’s constant development is brought about by community feedback through forums and the Moodle Association. With Moodle by eThink you pay for services not licensing, therefore guaranteeing the highest level of support in the market.

The LMS industry continues to repeat itself. Closed source solutions gain widespread adoption just as quickly as they vanish into thin air. Open-source Moodle is a constant in the sea of change that is the LMS market. Just as important, when you implement Moodle you own the code - thus eliminating vendor lock and empowering you to demand great service from your provider.

eThink is without a doubt one of the best vendors we have under contract. The University Of Mount Olive wanted to implement single sign on: eThink was there. UMO wanted to change some technical aspects in the Moodle attendance module: eThink coded and deployed the requested change. eThink’s biggest value proposition is their commitment to excellence, borne of a genuine desire to delight its customers. Our relationship with eThink is over 6 years old, so I am very comfortable with absolutely recommending their services.